What is this all about

A quick introduction to ShareDeck, what you get out of it and how you can contribute.

ShareDeck was created to share Steam Deck performace profiles with the community, such that when you start a new game, you don't need to figure out what the best configuration is but can copy it from one of the reports that match your playstyle. The more reports are contributed for a game (even when they are made by the same person, but for example in a different area of the game) the more data we have to determine the trade-offs in terms of image quality or battery life, which allows you to choose a configuration that matches your preferred playstyle.

How do I contribute?

You can contribute to the project by starting up your favourite game and configuring it such that it plays the way you want it to, whether that is a compromise in image quality for better battery life or a higher refreshrate, or the exact opposite.

Once you have configured the game and steam deck performance settings to your liking you can easily copy these settings to ShareDeck by finding the game and uploading your own configuration (for now this is only possible if ShareDeck knows you have the game - you are signed in through Steam and your steam library is set to public). You will be presented with a somewhat large form but all fields should match 1:1 with the configuration you just set up.

Once you are happy with the report, publish it and share it with the community. Someone else might come along and use your profile for their next game session.

What if a report doesn't work for me

Reports are only snapshots, while we try to keep track of external parameters (such as the SteamOS version) there will be differences between Steam Decks, ambient temperatures, different areas of the game, and many other parameters. If you find that a certain configuration doesn't work as expected for you, upload your own findings with the same configuration parameters (a 'copy configuration' button will be coming soon). This allows others to see that there are different reports for the same configuration and that perhaps the expected battery life or performance lies somewhere in-between.