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Wednesday, August 10th

Support for rich reports, edits, and a battery savers overview

  • Rich note support Lets start with the banger, I've added in support for rich text reports, this means you can now write actual paragraphs (with line breaks), insert headings, lists, and best of all, images in the notes for your report. This allows you to better describe in game graphics settings or tweaks you had to make to get to a certain level of performance.
  • Edits You can now edit your existing reports. I excluded this basic feature for a long time because I thought it would be more helpful to the community to see updated findings in the form of new reports. For example when an update to the game or steam deck changes performance, the new findings could live in a separate report such that people on still on these older versions have something that works for them. However, given that most people will be running the latest versions it makes sense that reports can evolve with them, and so now they can!
  • Battery Savers Are you wondering what games you can play for hours on your Steam Deck, well given that ShareDeck collects exactly this kind of metrics about games we now have a full page dedicated to answering that question: Battery Savers. Here we show a summary of games that on run well or have been reported to have a low total power draw.
  • Quality of life fixes In addition to that there are some quality of live updates to the site in general, these include improved performance (or load times) for many of the pages, limiting the amount of games drawn on your homescreen (this one is for those with large game libraries), and improved compatibility with mobile devices. You'll also see some new icons around from one of the free packs by Streamline.
Sunday, May 29th

Refreshed Reports & Support for Notes

  • Notes Allow notes to be added to reports, this is based on the reports that have already been submitted. Notes are not mandatory while the (closest) graphics preset is (to help users filter through reports).
  • Reports Rework The new reports are collapsed by default showing only the most important attributes, opening them up now shows all the fields (including the optional note) that can be provided.
  • Playtime You can now view the playtime of a reporter, both the playtime on linux and total playtime are shown (if the reporter shares this information publically).
  • Screen Refresh Rate With the release of SteamOS 3.2 the variable refresh rate of the display can be specified as part of a report, this also simplifies the selection of the framerate limit.
  • App Search You can now search for apps by name as well as the app id. The only limitation is that ShareDeck has to have seen the app before. If you can't find an app, search for it by their app id to have ShareDeck fetch it.
  • Background Library Import Syncing your library will now happen in the background, if you ever feel like its out of date you can trigger a new sync by logging back in after signing out (limited to once an hour).
  • Grayed out games To make it easier to see if a certain game has reports, games displayed in your library section on the homepage are grayed out when no reports are available.